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Clark County Residents File Civil Rights Lawsuit against Las Vegas Metro Police Department

Breeden & Associates has filed a civil rights lawsuit against Clark County Code Enforcement and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for repeatedly violating the civil rights of two Clark County residents.

The lawsuit concerns a string of encounters with Clark County Code Enforcement and Las Vegas Metro Police from June to September of 2022. During the incidents, officers in conjunction with Clark County Code Enforcement repeatedly entered the Plaintiffs’ home and conducted warrantless searches and illegally detained the Plaintiffs. This was done without due process, without a warrant, without probable cause of any crime, and in repeated violation of the County’s own ordinances. Officers repeatedly confronted the Plaintiffs with firearms and threatening them with arrest for returning to their own home. A Clark County Code enforcement official repeatedly wrongfully threatened the Plaintiffs while repeatedly violating county law as to legal notice and collection of fees, proudly telling the Plaintiffs–who had been illegally arrested and pulled from their own bedroom without a warrant or probable cause of any crime–that it was not his “first rodeo.” After the third incident, officers released the Plaintiffs and can be heard on body camera saying everything was an “error” and a “misunderstanding” by the officers..

The case concerns the Fourth Amendment, which protects people to “be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures”. This complaint is pending in the Eighth Judicial District (Clark County) under the name Smith v. Clark County, et. al., case number A-23-878733-C.

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